Coronavirus and Marquee L.A.

Like many of you, Katie and I have followed news about the Coronavirus with nervous interest. We hoped that public enjoyment of the art form we love so much could continue unabated this spring. Unfortunately, that is not the case.

With COVID-19 testing in the U.S. still limited at best, there is no way for most people to know whether or not they are infected. Consequently, the only responsible policy is to encourage social distancing until more is known. Ethically, we cannot recommend that anyone attend public gatherings at this time — not as an expression of fear, but of sensible caution.

Soon, we hope to recommend film events we can all see together once again. In the meantime, we will explore other ways to advocate great films during these difficult days. We’re not leaving you — please don’t leave us!

We know all too well that the movie theaters Marquee regularly champions will be taking a financial hit over the coming weeks, whether they choose to close or keep the show going. The short-term future is uncertain for freelancers, gig workers, and hourly earners, which includes many theater employees. If you are able, please consider buying a membership or donating to any of your favorite venues and organizations. Below are some that have donation options, membership or subscription plans, or merchandise. Let us know if and when you see others so we can update.

See you soon,

UCLA Film and Television Archive / Billy Wilder:

American Cinematheque (The Aero and Egyptian Theatres):

Echo Park Film Center:

Bob Baker Marionette Theater:

Skirball Cultural Center:

Alamo Drafthouse